Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Wait. What, now? What is this all about?

A - The Pacific Pub Cycle is a 14 person bike that helps folks explore an amazing diversity of hot spots. You can taste and sample beer, wine, spirits and small bites within the super eclectic Whiteaker/Brewery District of Eugene, Oregon.  We steer and you peddle. Your energy moves the bike (with the occasional electric assist) and we stop at three spots during your two hour tour.

Q - Do we drink on the bike?

A - Nope. No alcohol is allowed on the bike itself, but we encourage you to have a drink while you are gathering with your group at Eugene wine cellars and then you can try other beverages and bites at each of the three stops along your tour. You can also tie a bow on your super fun time by gathering again at Eugene Wine Cellars before you say good-bye for the night. Drinks are not included with the tour, so bring some fun money.

Please have a designated driver or use cab service, Lyft or Uber. NEVER drink and drive

Q - How can I get on this bike?
A - Single seats -Just click on the book now button and you can choose to either reserve a seat on the bike or rent the whole darn thing. ($35 per seat or $350 for the private full bike rental). Either way, there needs to be a minimum of eight people to make this thing go. Once eight people have reserved their seats, it’s happening! Up to 14 seats can be sold for each tour. It’s a great way to meet new people and to rally your friends and family. Everybody can go to the site and buys their own seat. Easy Peasy.

A - Private bike rental - Yes. You absolutely can rent the whole bike. Go for it!  As long as you have a minimum of eight people in your group you might as well just rent the whole thing for the three stop, two hour tour. It’s best (and easier to peddle) with more people. Go ahead invite your crew. The max number of people on the bike is fourteen.

Q - What happens if not enough people sign up that day?

A - We need to have at least eight people booked for a tour to happen. Trust us. It needs enough people to peddle, or it’s just too dang hard. So, if the tour you chose is looking like you don’t have enough people, we recommend you post, tweet, snap, whatever. Tell your friends to join you. If still no dice, no biggie. We will just help you choose another night and give that a try.

Q- Can I get my money back?

A - So sorry. There are no refunds. You can, however, just pick another day and time for a tour. Because it’s sort of a seasonal thing, it’s easier to fill the bike during the warm months. Give that a try. Another option could be to gift your seat to a friend as a gift. We can help.

Q - Do you have to be 21+ to be on the bike?

A - No. But for now, you need to be at least 18+. There are plenty of options for those not drinking. Housemade sodas, kombuchas, pinball, snacks. Check it out!

Q - Can I do this as a fundraiser for my favorite non-profit organisation/school?

A - Heck yeah! We would love to help. Just e-mail us and we can explore options.

Q - What if it rains?

A - It’s Oregon. It rains and we like it that way. Not to worry. The Pacific Pub Cycle is covered and will keep you mostly dry. Just bring a raincoat. All tours are rain or shine. So sorry, no refunds.

Q - What should we bring for our tour?

A - You are about to smile so much it hurts. So bring your positive attitude.  Dress comfortably and ready for the weather. Bring a water bottle and your phone. You can just plug it in and we can play it over our speakers.

Q - Anything else I need to know?

A - Yes, We need to tell you how much we love you for booking with us. We will do our best to show you a good time. Our drivers are super chill and know a lot about a lot of things. We also love the Whiteaker neighborhood. It’s colorful and eccentric style makes it unique, and we are dedicated to celebrating, supporting and strengthening our relationships with the community. Please be respectful, kind and embrace diversity at all times.

The Pacific Pub Cycle is a hate free zone. We will never discriminate against you and we expect you to never discriminate against others. Simple as that. The Pacific Pub Cycle reserves the right to end a tour if the behavior of an individual(s) are unsafe. Enough about that!

Thanks again for joining us on a tour. This is going to be awesome!

Do you have a super idea for a new tour or a themed event? Shoot us an e-mail. We’d love to hear about it.


  1. Only the driver is licensed to drive and he or she has important information for you ­ please listen to them.

  2. Do not get on or off the bike while it is in motion, for everyone’s safety.

  3. We need a signed waiver to ride. We send one via e-mail with every confirmation. If you need a paper copy just ask.

  4. Don’t forget to tip your driver.


Shout out to Eugene Wine Cellars!

It’s a great place to gather before and after your tour!