1. Only the driver is licensed to drive and he or she has important information for you ­ please listen to her.

  2. Do not get on or off the bike while it is in motion for everyone’s safety.

  3. Respect the streets and the City of Eugene. No littering and no excessively rude or obnoxious behavior.

  4. Enjoy the local beverages and enjoy the ride responsibly. Become obviously intoxicated and our driver will have to hit the eject button.

  5. You need a signed waiver to ride. Please print one from our website and bring it with you for the tour.

  6. Tours run a little over 2 hours. Keep track of your time so that the bike can be back to the Eugene Wine Cellar on time for it’s next tour.

  7. Don’t forget to tip your driver.


Can we drink alcohol on board?

No. Some cities allow this, but Eugene does not. Enjoy your beer and wine from the fantastic local businesses and bring aboard your own non-­alcoholic drinks and snacks for hydrating in between. There is room on the bike for a cooler if you’d like to bring one. No glass containers please.

Are drinks included?

No, price only includes time with bike and driver. Each rider is responsible for their own beverages.

Do riders need to be 21?

In Eugene, we don’t require you to be 21 for brewery tours although you’ll need to be 21 if you plan to sample the local brews. If you’d like to rent the bike for a teen’s birthday party and pedal around for pizza and ice cream that’s fine too. Riders must be at least 10 years of age. Email us for more info. For Eugene, all riders must be over 18.

Can we pedal anywhere we want to go?

We have a route worked out that will take you to the local breweries and you can decide which ones to stop at and how long to stay at each one. Let us know if there’s somewhere in particular you were hoping to go and we’ll see what we can do.

What if I don’t have 8 people?

If you email us, we can try to arrange for you to join up with another smaller group.

Can I cancel my reservation?

If you cancel 14 days out, you receive a full refund. Less than 14 days and we’ll give you 90 days to re­book. Less than 48 hours and there is no refund unless we can re­book that tour.

What if it’s raining?

This is Oregon; we pedal rain or shine. There is a canopy and when it rains, the breweries are still serving beer.

How do I book and pay for this tour?

Go to the booking page and find an open tour time. Make your payment using Paypal. Show up at the Eugene Wine Cellar at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour and prepare to have some serious fun. 

What about the bike? Is it hard to pedal? Do I need a helmet?

Wear shoes you’d wear to ride your own bike and prepare for some actual exercise to burn those beer calories. We do have 2 seats with stationary foot rests instead of pedals and there is a bench on the bike for those who have difficulty with physical activity or prefer not to pedal. This bike only goes between 5 and 7 miles per hour. If you’re 16 or over, we will offer you the use of a helmet but the choice is yours.